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Now you can play Atari 5200 games with Trackballs, flight sticks, PS1, PS2 & Xbox gamepads!

If you’ve ever picked up an Atari 5200 controller to play Pac-Man or Frogger you’ll quickly realize you are not in video game Nirvana. In fact, you might feel like turning the game off due to dealing with the non-centering analog joystick that you’ve unwittingly chosen to play with. For many gamers this has been a turn-off when it comes to playing games requiring twitch controls on Atari’s rather large black box.

NKO vs. Podcast EP 17

Muzz, Sleazy and Kyle meet up to discuss Ghost in the Shell, How does Superman fly?, Doctor Who’s new Companion, New Trailers… Doctor Strange, Magnificent 7, Captain America Civil War & Star Wars Rogue One.

oh yes

Gamer asks: Why shop at GameStop?

Today in gaming we are seeing a lot of options to fuel our need for new and used games. GameStop, Amazon, eBay, Best buy, Target, Wal Mart, Your local independently owned Video game store, and whatever franchises are common in your region. With some outlets offering great shopping incentives like Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club and Amazon Prime’s 20% off of new/pre ordered titles and free shipping, It begs the question….
“Why Shop at Gamestop?”


The VVITCH in Review

    If I’m being funny after viewing this film, all I could think was this would be the result of What Hitchcock would’ve made after reading Pride and Prejudice on an empty stomach!
That’s If I wanted to be funny- let’s look at the film from inside out.

NKO Vs promo pic ep 15_edited-1

NKO vs. Podcast 2.0 EP15



Muzz, Sleazy and Joshua from Geekspodcast discuss why shop at Gamestop, Deadpool opening, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Hateful 8, Flat Earther’s: B.O.B. vs. Tyson & Oculus Rift.


RIP riley

Riley Martin Dies at 69

Fans of Howard Stern are all in mourning today as one of the most Iconic Stern show regulars has passed away.
Riley Martin, alien abductee, author of the book “The Coming of Tan”, and host of The Riley Martin Show on the Sirius XM Radio channel Howard 101, claimed to be a human ambassador to the Biaviian alien race, who he said abducted him several times throughout his life. 

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Introducing Wired-Up Retro on Youtube- and a new way to use NES controllers on your classic Atari console

Check out Nerdko’s own classic gamer, Steve Averitt, on his new Youtube channel, Wired-Up Retro.  The first two video presentations are interrelated, with new retro-gaming discoveries pertaining to using NES and NES-clone (Atari Flashback) controllers on classic 80’s Atari systems.

NKO Vs promo pic ep 14

NerdKO vs. Podcast EP14

Muzz, Sleazy & Joshua sit down to discuss Collector Edition Consoles & Game Bundles, fall video game releases, AKA Jessica Jones & what’s everyone watching on this episode of the NerdKO vs. Podcast.

NKO Vs promo pic ep 13

NKO vs. Podcast EP 13

Muzz, Joshua & Sleazy discuss Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Mario Maker, Blindspot, Heroes Reborn, Apple time, Retro VGS, Water on Mars & The dumbest criminals.

NKO Vs promo pic ep 12

NKO vs. Podcast EP12


Muzz, Kyle, Joshua and Sleazy discuss Fear the Walking Dead, PSN vs Xbox Gold, Fantastic Four & Hitman bombing & what’s everyone Nerding out too!

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