The 3DO: a comprehensive history

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Hey there NerdKO readers!
Today I’m glad to publish my most recent video for you all to see. I know a lot of you are gamers and I think it’s important to learn the history of those long forgotten and short lived game consoles.

In this mini documentary, we take a look at one of the most underrated and unappreciated game consoles of all time.  The 3DO interactive multiplayer was a console that had only a short time on store shelves before it was crushed by it’s competition and left to live in obscurity. That was 16 years ago. Today, I bring it back.
In this video you get to learn a little bit of the console’s history, some of the great games you can play on it, as well as little known facts about the rare variations of the 3DO. You will also get some information on and see some video footage from the M2. This was the successor to the 3DO that never made it to retail shelves. Stay tuned after the end for some bonus footage!
We hope you enjoy the video!

I’ll be sure to have more like it coming your way soon.


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