The Game Duo Volume 1: Dark Souls 2 and The Elder scrolls Online

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It’s hard to decide what games to look forward to with so many coming out and the holiday season fast approaching. (Yes, it IS time to start thinking! Don’t be a last minute shopper!) So to make things a little easier on you, we’ve compiled some facts on some new hot releases to look forward to. To keep this article from being ridiculously long or overwhelm you with information, we’ve decided to turn this into a “duo” article in which we outline just two games at a time. Different flavors, but both delicious! (Kinda like The Cheeze it boxes….) So starts Volume One, of many.


Game 1: Dark Souls 2
“Prepare to die… again” Is the slogan attached to this wonderfully maniacal game. Truly a game for those who hate themselves, this sequel to the record breaking “Dark Souls” promises to be just as, if not more, challenging.

Unlike most upcoming release titles, little is known of the story line of Dark Souls 2. The director has stated that the game will be a large contrast from its predecessor, yet will still be linked to it in some way. The game play footage and trailers tease viewers with glimpses of new enemies and challenges, each of which just daring you to try and overcome them. (Good luck with that.)

Dark Souls 2 will be a multi-platform game set to release in late March of 2014. This action RPG will be familiar to experienced players with a splash of new upgrades. Players will now be able to duel wield weapons and custom build their characters’ base stats based off the unique way they play the game. Also a new feature that has many fans squealing in excitement is the 1-4 multiplayer option (Which will come in handy when you’re rushed by a massive group of enemies- some that will now be resistant to the infamous back stab.) Previous players will also be able to bring two of their favorite weapons from Dark Souls into this new experience. One last upgrade worth mentioning is the ability to warp to any bonfire in the game, including a unique bonfire that is housed in a candle lit room, each candle represents every one of the many, many deaths the player experiences in the game.

For the gamers who love a challenge, Dark Souls 2 seems to be the next big game that will make you want to break that nice new controller.

Game 2: The Elder Scrolls Online
After Skyrim, it was hard to imagine just what Bethesda planned to do next with the immensely popular Elder Scrolls series. From the very beginning, The Elder Scrolls has turned heads with its massive open worlds, unique role play elements, and intricate history of wars and its races. Instead of taking a few steps hundreds of years into the future as they have with previous games, they decided on a different route.

1,000 years before Skyrim, you are an adventurer whose soul has been stolen by the evil Daedric Prince Molag Bal. In the midst of unrest, Tamriel is without an emperor, and in pursuit by said Daedric Prince. It is up to you to save the continent, and perhaps even take up the throne yourself.

This massive multiplayer online role playing game (Or MMORPG for those of you who like your fancy acronyms.) will be released not only on PC, but is also set to launch on the Xbox One and PS4. The spring 20143 release date is fast approaching and we’re all ready to experience this open world mmo.

One feature of this new release that has the gaming world buzzing is the fact that its set on one large server, allowing you to interact with hundreds of other players online. In this aspect, PVP is a main focus in the development. The idea is to break away from the “Holy Trinity” seen in other MMO’s (That’s the tank, healer, damage combo) to ensure that each player is responsible for themselves. The large server also allows epic battles between factions, giving you the opportunity to fight against as many as 100 other players at once.

You have the opportunity to join one of three different factions, which are comprised of different races. There’s the Ebonheart Pact, which consists of Nord, Dunmer, and Argonian races. The Aldmeri Dominion which is the Kahjiit, Bosmer, and Altmer. The Daggerfall Covenant which includes Breton, Orc, and Redguard. There is a fourth and final faction which is non-playable and is purely the antagonist in the storyline, The Imperials.

Favorite features from previous Elder Scrolls games will return to players. One is the ability to join a guild, including the thieves guild, the dark brotherhood, the mages guild, and the much missed fighters guild. Players will still also be able to craft weapons and armor.

Much more can be said about ESO, but to keep this article to the point, you can still as of this publishing date sign up for a chance to run the beta!




And that, my friends, is Volume One of “The Game Duo”. Short, sweet, and to the point!

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